Letter: Student life fights back

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It is not necessary for faculty advisors to push the student life staff in the right direction.

A simple unannounced walk-in visit or e-mail request will suffice for us to do what we can to help any adviser.

As a matter of fact, we’ll even extend the same courtesy to anyone that walks through ours doors.

However, please note that the “classified staff” in student life does have boundaries and guidelines that have been set up by our management team, and we do not cross them.

Nevertheless, please rest assured that we do raise issues and concerns to our management team, and even go as far as relaying complaints and grievances that are brought up to our attention, and we let the management team decide how they will address those issues and concerns.

After all, that is why they get paid the big bucks. FYI: Our “classified staff” does not make decisions in relation to the student activity fee, nor do we attend those meetings.

Whether I believe that, in all fairness, the Student Activity Fee Committee meetings should be open, doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that our “classified staff” has always kept their line of communications open and that we continue to pride ourselves in moving in the right direction despite attacks against the decisions made by our management team.

In response to Mr. Davy Godfrey’s opinion that a Psychic Fair has no place at SAC, and that it is tarnishing the college’s reputation, I beg to differ. First of all, student life aims to please, but realistically, student life cannot please everyone all the time.

As I say in student life, if you don’t like the programming or activities today, join us tomorrow — the non-academic programs and activities made possible by the student activity fee will change.

Better yet, I invite our faculty, staff and students to come out, get involved, and help us decorate, set up tables and chairs, hang up publicity, recruit participants and volunteer for some of our events.

I’m afraid that it will take much more than a mere entertainment venue to tarnish the college’s reputation.

Try inappropriate conduct by employees or students that goes unaddressed by management, -inappropriate use of funds by budget managers, unaddressed safety issues and health concerns raised to management by employees and students, employees’ failure to abide by ACCD policies, but most important, failure of authorities to enforce these neglected policies and guidelines and take appropriate action against employees or students that ignore and violate them, which result in nasty and costly lawsuits for ACCD and negative publicity that could be avoided to begin with.

That, Mr. Godfrey, can tarnish the college’s reputation.

Sonya Bryant, Intramural Specialist

Patricia Patten, Senior Secretary

Judith A. Clark, Student Senior Secretary

Carrie J. Hernandez, Student Activities Specialist


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