Student life needs to be accountable

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Lately it seems that student life has become everyone’s favorite punching bag.

Is it fair that The Ranger constantly reports on the never-ending drama that has become student life? There has been no shortage of stories: clubs disbanding, a lack of communication, fights between students, requests inexplicably denied; these have been the motifs of an organization that professes to be a service to the students and campus.

We only report on what is happening. If there were no problems, then there would be no stories. Yet why are there constant stories to be told about the disenfranchisement of students?

The fact of the matter is that this all boils down to one word: accountability.

If The Ranger does not report accurately, the public can hold us accountable by voicing their views on the op-ed page.

Student life employees have already exercised this privilege by writing a letter to The Ranger with their views on stories that have been written of late, holding both The Ranger and student life’s management accountable.

It’s time for Emma Mendiola, interim dean of student affairs, to step up to address issues that directly affect the morale at this campus.

If Mendiola cannot make suitable changes, then Vice President Kristin Clark needs to step in. And if Clark cannot soothe the involved parties, then President Robert Zeigler will have to interrupt his busy schedule to stop the squabbling.


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