Letter: Duty not good enough excuse

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I recently reported to my professors that I would be missing one day of class in November because I have military obligations (Naval Reserve duty). 

I was amazed that two of the four of them told me that the absences would not be excused. I promptly checked my student hand book and sure enough there is no exception. I always assumed it was excused because all of my instructors in the past simply asked for proof of the obligation and that was that. I sent an e-mail to the dean and the head of Veterans Affairs at the college expressing my dissatisfaction at the (lack of) policy. 

This is something that needs to be addressed! Why should troops (and there are a lot here at SAC) have less personal days for absences than anyone else when duty calls? 

The dean did not respond to my e-mail and the VA head simply told me that most professors bend the rules for situations like this. I think there should be no bending necessary. We need solid guidelines for this and they should read something like this: If you are going to miss a few days of class to defend the country, it is excused!

Ron Verdoza

Business Administration Freshman


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