Pool renovation extends to next semester

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By Jason B. Hogan

Beginning Dec. 1, the pool in Candler Physical Education Center will be closed for renovation.

There is a two-part renovation project that will last 60 days from Dec. 1 until Feb. 1.

The first part of the project will consist of the replacement of items such as exhaust fans, interim kinesiology Chair Leslie Bleamaster said.

“The first part will not interrupt scheduled classes,” he said, adding, “It may be noisy.”

The second part of the renovation is dealing with the replacement of pipes.

The teachers whose classes are affected by the project have been informed they will need to change their curriculum for the latter part of the work being conducted, Bleamaster said.

There are 14 classes that will be affected such as KINE 1130, Beginning Swimming, KINE 1133, Aquatic Conditioning, and KINE 1135, Water Aerobics.

“The contract allows the work to go only until Feb. 1, so that gives them (contractors) motivation,” Bleamaster said.


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