President will find his crowds in classroom

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In the past, the President’s Forums were in the Fiesta Room of Loftin. 

On Oct. 26, the forum was on the mall outside of Loftin.

Dr. Robert Zeigler made two comments about the forums and what he would like to see from student participation.

He said he didn’t want to mandate an audience, but be as available as he can, and he also said that he wished he could figure out a way to draw a bigger crowd.

The problem with drawing a huge crowd within the atmosphere in and around Loftin is that students are usually on their way out, which puts them in the mind-set of not having the time to talk or discuss, even if they do have a grievance.

Those on their way to class do not want to stop, either. 

Their objective seems to be “get in and get out as soon as possible.”

The ideal place for a true discussion with students at this college is within the classroom.

Zeigler might find that scheduling the forums during various class times will yield better results.

Students confronted with the availability of the president within the environment they mostly dwell in at this campus is more conducive to discussion and possibly change.

Maybe by doing this for a couple of months, it might promote the forum so much that it does end up having to be outside on the mall — simply to accommodate a larger turnout.


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