Rangers dominate court during game

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By Ryan Johnston

Energy picked up quick during the second half of the men’s basketball game against Our Lady of the Lake Wednesday, and the Rangers ended the game with an 87-74 win.

“The team showed a lot of heart on the court,” business management freshman Marcus Cromartie said. “We never quit on the court. I’m very happy.”

This is the first technical win for the Rangers this season.

During their first match against Southwest Texas Junior College, they lost 89-79, but picked up the win when the team forfeited the match, bringing their record to 2-1 for wins.

During the first half, the Rangers struggled to get their hands on the ball.

Conflict could have arisen when kinesiology freshman Arron Cochran was pressed between two players of the other team.

After the whistle, he threw the ball at the wall and walked away to the Rangers’ side of the court, grabbing his head with both of his hands.

Yet, he was able to recover from the mishap and continue to play.

At half time, the Rangers were down 48-39.

“This game, we did better,” basketball coach Vincent Lockhart said. “During the first half, we went into a drought. Within the first four to five minutes of the second half, we changed the momentum of the game.”

Within the last 15 minutes of the game, the Rangers took the lead with a score of 65-64.

This brought outbursts from all corners of the gym. 

The audience, cheerleaders and benched OLLU players screamed, “Let’s go, Saints!”

 However, this rush of team camaraderie was wasted when the Rangers kept hold of the ball for the last five minutes of the game.

“I want the team to come with the same high intensity on both sides of the court,” Cromartie said. “We need to keep up the great defense and playing together.”

The only negative comment Cromartie had about the team was that their ball handling needed improvement.

“We need to be taking better care of the ball,” Cromartie said. “That’s not a big deal though, we did very well.”

For the next game, Lockhart said he hopes the team keeps up the competition.

“I want them to remember to continue to play great defense and get all of the free throws,” he said. 

“We have three games before the break, so we’re going to continue to practice hard and play through the game doing what we’re doing.”

During this game, a couple of the players were absent, but Lockhart anticipates that during the next game they will have them back and continue to play better.

“For the next game, we’re going to have a couple of our players back that were sick,” Lockhart said. 

“I’m just very proud of the guys. We fought a 20-point lead in the first half and chipped away at them. I’m just very proud of them.”


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