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hand-carved fireplaces, a chapel and a ballroom.

The downtown view, Crockett Park location and classic architecture would make a stunning attraction if Meyer decides to revamp the existing apartments and turn them into condos.

“It’s full of potential, but it will always be housing,” Meyer said. “That’s what it was built for.”

Although Meyer said there are no immediate plans, elderly and disabled residents would have to move if Meyer decides to convert to condos.

While San Antonio’s metropolitan area is booming with urban development, the advent of new condo projects, such as at Pearl Brewery, are catering to people who want to live close to downtown.

Victor LaSoya, who has been a resident of the Aurora for 23 years, said he couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

“Everybody knows everybody here. We dance at night and watch TV together in the Sun Room,” he said.

The Sun Room, which has a pool table and bingo cards, is where the residents gather for dances, to play bingo and watch TV, while other residents cook tamales and tacos for each other in a nearby kitchen.

“This is a home for us,” Carlos Diaz, an Aurora resident for five years, said. “Everything’s convenient around here, and it’s easy to get to the drug store and hospital.”


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