Last day to drop fall classes is today

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By Yubhya Garcia

Today is the last day to drop classes for the fall semester.

To officially withdraw from a class, students must get a drop slip from the instructor, chairperson or counselor and submit it to the admissions and records office.

Drop slips will be accepted until 5 p.m. today in Room 216 of Fletcher Administration Center.

Students who do not drop a class by that deadline will receive a performance grade in the class, and college policy prohibits teachers from issuing W grades after today.

More than 1,500 students had dropped a class this semester as of Wednesday afternoon, admissions clerk Antoinette M. Chandler said.

She said many students drop because they dislike their instructors.

Chandler said students also drop because of medical reasons, bad grades or being called up for military service.

However, The Ranger has previously reported on two policies that negatively affect students who drop classes.

The six-drop rule affects students who entered college this semester. The statewide rule limits the total number of drops a student can have as an undergraduate to six. After that, they will not be allowed to drop a course and will receive a performance grade in all courses at any public institution in Texas.

Exceptions to the rule must be processed through counselors in Balditt Counseling Complex on the first floor of Moody Learning Center.

Also, the three-peat rule is a district policy that requires students to pay out-of-state tuition the third time they register for a course.

This means students will pay about three times more for a course if they have dropped it or failed it more than once.

Tomas Campos, director of student financial services, suggests students check with financial aid if planning to drop today. The office is in Room 101 of Fletcher Administration Center.


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