Men’s basketball team defenses fail against Wildcats

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By Ryan Johnston

The Rangers attempted to restrict the Northwest Vista Wildcats Nov. 14 but were unable to stay ahead and lost 81-74.

Blade Gill, liberal arts freshman, said he believed that defense played a major role in their loss.

“We could have done better defensively,” he said. “We get people in there to match up defense, but we couldn’t get it going.”

Although the Rangers were down most of the first half, they did accomplish a lead against the Wildcats close to half-time, scoring 37-36.

The Wildcats scored three more points before the break, leaving the score 39-37.

After half-time, the Wildcats were able to pull ahead seven points over the Rangers.

The Rangers came together and managed a tie at 48-48.

While the Rangers managed to gain a six-point lead over the Wildcats, they failed to keep the lead when the other team managed to break two ties to get ahead 65-63.

“We lost a little bit of intensity,” Gill said. “We got too comfortable with the lead.”

Tensions were high in the audience, with screams coming from both corners of the gym when the Rangers got ahead 69-68, with three minutes left in the game.

Yet, after their last lead, the Rangers could not bring it back and lost their second game this season, bringing their record to 2-2 this season.

“We should be 4-0,” he said. “The main thing we’re struggling with is defense. We get hyped up before we come to play, but we lose it as quick as we get it.”

During their last game against Our Lady of the Lake, Gill said their performance showcased their abilities, but they lost it this game.

“During the last game, we were talking to each other,” he said. “We didn’t do that at all this game. It was a complete 180.”

Overall, Gill said the main thing the team is struggling with is their defense.

“We didn’t do well on our defense. I take responsibility for my own faults; there were opportunities that I didn’t take,” he said. “We definitely need to get better defensively. It’s the same song we’ve been singing all year long.”

Their next game will be at 1 p.m. Saturday in Gym 1 of Candler Physical Education Center against Victoria College.


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