Service learning coordinator decides new job is not good fit for her

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By Regis L. Roberts

Service learning Coordinator Audrey Grams will be staying at the campus and job she loves after all.

Grams left her position Oct. 31 for a donor relations position at district.

In an e-mail, she said the job was not what she envisioned.

She said it “was a little more financial and a little less personal than I liked. The job was fine; it was just not for me or my personality type, and I liked my job at SAC.”

In the end, the donor relations position is more suited for someone with a different skill set, she said.

A person with a background in finance, instead of counseling, which is her expertise, would probably be a good fit and be more comfortable in the position, she said.

“It was my own error for not doing more research into the day-to-day duties before making a decision,” she said.

Joan Barborak, gift and prospect coordinator at the district, said she was set to have Grams come in and would have liked it if she did.

In the time Grams was at district, from Nov. 1-7, Barborak took a liking to Grams and thought she was a sweet person.

Grams’ motivation for seeking a new job was to make more money, she said.

“That was the only reason I left in the first place,” Grams said of accepting the job at district.

According to the salary structure for fiscal year 2008 posted on the district Web site, the district coordinator of donor relations is paid between $49,242 and $76,376.

Grams is returning to this college with the same pay she had when she left, which is $36,619.92.

She said her happiness was more important than money.

She stressed that she loves this campus and loves working here.

The plan originally was to work as service learning coordinator every Friday until a replacement was selected and Grams could train them.

“I had to act fast so that I would not cause any problems for either office,” she said.

She said no problems were created from her decision to stay here, and had she moved to the job at district, she would still be doing her job remotely.

Barborak echoed this sentiment, saying that district is rolling with the punches and will go down the list of candidates or advertise for the position again if needed.

“As far as we are all concerned, I never left,” Grams said.


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