Women’s center provides textbook scholarship

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By Regis L. Roberts

It is already time for students to think about how they are going to pay for school, and tuition is just one part of the pie.

Textbooks take a significant chunk of dough — a full-time student at this college enrolled in core classes in the spring 2008 semester can spend from $450 to $500 on textbooks depending on the instructor and whether they buy used or new books. These figures reflect a full load of English, math, biology and history.

Tom Campos, director of student financial services, said the important thing is to consider the need of students, which is why he contacted Rose Mary Alexander, education support specialist at the women’s center, about textbook money for students.

Campos said he knew the women’s center had experience with providing books to students, so they would be able to handle a textbook scholarship well.

Alexander said students should show a financial need and be enrolled in courses.

To qualify, she said, students need to have already completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, complete an application through the women’s center and write an essay.

This textbook assistance is not exactly a scholarship but is actually a voucher system, Campos and Alexander said.

Campos said this past year, student financial services had $6,250 to be used at this college’s bookstore owned by Follett.

This money is part of the 13.5 percent of the bookstores sales revenue that it returns to the district.

When a student qualifies and it is established how much they need for books, Alexander said, the women’s center gives the student a voucher that states how much money has been set aside for them.

Campos said no money is actually changing hands, Follett does not give the district or college any money, and the student is not given any money to buy books.


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