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that would allow employees to log in online when they start working and log out when they are done.
Mclaughlin said in a phone interview Tuesday that he has not started looking at the technology available but that he knows it exists.
“We need a device to collect that would feed Banner software, not dependent but could still collect and transmit.”
Among the concerns voiced at that meeting was that employees may be taking advantage of the honor system of the written time sheets.
Gil Castillo, Staff Council president at this college, said it is up to each department to address those issues.
“Like anything else, some departments are more lax than others.”
Commenting that some people work beyond the hours that they are supposed to and aren’t compensated for it, he noted, “This is a place of higher education, not a place of factory workers.”
Castillo said that Unified Staff Council has an understanding with Chancellor Bruce Leslie and that he believes they will have a say in any decision made.
Mclaughlin said Tuesday that no decisions have been made yet and he is hoping for the position of associate vice chancellor of employee services to be filled so that that person could have some input in the decisions.
The closing date for applications for the position is today.
Mclaughlin said the last he had heard, there were 30 applicants.
Mclaughlin has set up a committee, set to meet Dec. 3, that will evaluate timekeeping systems.


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