Digital Divide Committee seeks input with survey

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By J.A. Garcia

In an initiative to get students in this district reduced-cost access to computers and high-speed home Internet connections, Chancellor Bruce Lesile has formed a districtwide Digital Divide Committee, according to a Nov. 26 e-mail through PALS.
Also part of that e-mail is a survey that students can participate in.
The survey indicates that the district is considering a reduced-cost laptop/Internet program to improve student success.
While some students already have access to computers and the Internet, there are many who don’t, said Charlotte Wolf, director of instructional technologies and innovation center.
The purpose of this survey is to see how many students would be interested in this type of program before the committee proceeds with it, she added.
Wolf has sent out e-mails with attached handouts to faculty and staff to encourage students to take the survey. She also has asked the IT department at this college to advertise the survey on every computer screen in each of the computer labs. The survey asks students general questions such as do you own a personal computer, laptop, have high-speed Internet; where do you do your school work or would like to; time of day you take classes; how much can you afford for a laptop, Internet access and repair/maintenance; and if a laptop/Internet program supported by the district would be beneficial to academic success.
Students have until Dec. 14 to submit the survey. Results are expected to be available in January when the committee meets again, Wolf said.


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