Insurance problems could affect players obtaining scholarships

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By Ryan Johnston

The district’s recent decision to bar sports programs from competing in intercollegiate sports because of liability issues has aggravated players, coaches and supporters.
At the Legal Affairs Committee meeting Nov. 6, Chancellor Bruce Leslie said sports teams in the Alamo Community College District could not play against sanctioned teams because the district’s insurance carrier would not cover the team.
Sanctioned teams are those under associations such as the National Junior College Athletic Association, which none of the district sports teams are under. The NCJAA promotes a national program of sports and activities for accredited junior colleges and two-year institutions.
Volleyball coach Paul Kerkez believes this decision will serve as a disadvantage to players on all teams.
“I don’t think the competition level is that of a true sports program because ACCD does not support sports teams enough to raise that level of competition,” he said. “More experienced players want higher levels of competition to get involved with a


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