No limit of career choices for anthropology majors

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By Selina Affram

For anthropologists, there is an array of job opportunities.
“It is an umbrella discipline with many sub-fields,” said Dr. J. Gregory Smith, an anthropology professor at this college.
The sociology department offers ANTH 2301, Introduction to Anthropology; ANTH 2302, Introduction to Archaelogy; and ANTH 2351, Cultural Anthropology.
Anthropology is the study of human biology while archaeology focuses on material remains.
Cultural anthropology is the study of modern society, documenting cultural diversity in the world.
Smith recommended some colleges for students who plan to pursue a degree in anthropology, such as University of Texas at San Antonio, Trinity University, Texas State University-San Marcos, University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University, University of Houston, University of North Texas, Southern Methodist University and University of Texas at El Paso.
Links to those university sites can be found on Smith’s home page under anthropology resources.
Anthropology freshman Marissa Charlwood, 18, has an interest in anthropology with a specialty in primatology because of the dwindling mountain gorilla population.
She said, “I chose anthropology initially because of my tremendous respect and admiration for primates.”
Her favorite aspect of anthropology is field observation and sense of purpose.
She said primates are misunderstood and have an air of mystery.
Charlwood said anthropology is a stepping stone to job opportunities, such as zoology, biological sciences, epidemiology, museums and forensics.
These listings are on the American Association of Physical Anthropologist Web site at
These careers are described in detail on the Web site at
Someone in the field of physical anthropology may land a job at a museum as a coordinator.
An archaeologist can find work in cultural resource management, where they examine construction sites that may have an impact on archaeological findings.
Some cultural anthropologists are hired for businesses or corporations to deal with domestic or international trade.
Cultural anthropologists can be hired as consultants to facilitate communication and understanding between different cultures.
Others can become internal research analysts doing market research and dealing with advertising strategies.
Smith said that anthropologists also may find themselves in the field of forensics performing activities similar to those demonstrated by the cast in the popular investigation shows like “CSI.”
Smith said there are no longer limitations to the profession.
He said, “I have the best of both worlds. The great thing is I teach throughout the year; in the summer, I do field work.”
Charlwood said, “I think if each of us can pick a cause and contribute in a small way, then we have helped to instigate change and make the world a better place.”
In the spring, there will be two anthropology classes offered.


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