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I am writing in support of The Ranger editorial board’s suggestions in the Nov. 9 issue regarding the president’s forums hosted by Dr. Robert Zeigler.

The board is correct in both praising Dr. Zeigler’s efforts at communicating with the student body and also with the suggestion that a change of format may be more useful.

As a student at SAC for the past year and a half, I’ve never had the opportunity to attend a President’s Forum discussion because of the demands of classes and a full-time job.

If, as The Ranger board suggested, Dr. Zeigler could arrange in-class meetings with students, it would be a positive environment for both the president and the student body.

The students would have advance notice of the visit and could thereby present thoughtful questions

And Dr. Zeigler would have the class period time for informal, relaxed discussions that would probably prove enlightening for everyone.

The board was correct in pointing out that students are a big part of this equation and that their participation is necessary and would probably be welcomed by Dr. Zeigler.

Hopefully, a more user-friendly approach to the forums can be arranged to the benefit of all.

John Hughes

Medical Assisting


Missing student on the lam


A fellow student of mine hasn’t been to class for about three weeks.

He is a white male currently in hiding from the San Antonio Police Department for allegedly having sexual relations with a young girl for the past 10 years!

Some people in my class thought this guy was weird.

I thought he was unique.

A story appeared on KENS 5 on Nov. 7.

You can go to, look under the crime section and click on the video “Man accused of sexual assault on the run” to see the video.

I was a little shocked.

Along with the charges of sexual relations, he has a past you wouldn’t believe; animal cruelty, felony possession of a handgun, impersonating a police officer and other criminal acts.

I can’t believe I had a class with this guy!

This guy needs to be found immediately.

James Velten



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