Systems considered to track employees

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By Joyce Flores

District administrators are looking at changing the way employees keep track of hours worked.
The idea is being looked at because of a suggestion to switch to electronic timekeeping by external auditors.
The auditors observed that all timekeeping for hourly employees is done manually and then entered electronically by the payroll department, which they found inefficient.
The auditors recommended the district look into keeping electronic time clocks or use an online timekeeping system to reduce the workload of the payroll department and to provide more accuracy.
James McLaughlin, vice chancellor for administration, explained at an October Audit, Budget and Finance Committee meeting that at times, the payroll department could not read the timecards or that timecards were not being filled out properly and that the most efficient thing would be to move to electronic time clocks.
Employee services is looking at using Microsoft Excel as a way to keep employees’ hours legible.
Another possible solution is to buy a software program


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