Team chemistry pulls another win for Lady Rangers

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By Jason B. Hogan

Team chemistry fueled the Lady Rangers’ victory over the Northwest Vista College Wildcats Nov. 14 with a final score of 67-50.

Lady Rangers basketball coach Will Dykes said, “Yeah, it’s getting real good (team chemistry).”

“I tried to mix and match a little bit,” he said. “But it’s getting better.”

The Lady Rangers started the game with intensity, leading to an immediate 10-0 lead.

Team communication helped the Lady Rangers’ offense to function well.

While the Wildcats’ zone defense was ineffective, the Lady Rangers successfully drove a series of plays down court.

On the defensive end, the Lady Rangers started out equally strong.

Later, problems arose with the Lady Rangers’ late shifting of positions to contend with the Wildcats’ offense.

The Wildcats drew to within 2 points of the Lady Rangers with two minutes remaining in the first half.

Down the stretch of the first half, the Lady Rangers toughened their defense and were able to maintain the lead, with the score 32-23 at halftime.

The Lady Rangers produced their best string of defensive plays coming into the second half.

Playing more man-to-man defense allowed them to trap the Wildcats, which forced multiple turnovers.

The Lady Rangers’ defense continued to stay ahead of plays while pressuring the ball the length of the court.

Deeper into the half, the Lady Rangers accumulated more turnovers, but their defense helped keep them ahead for the remainder of the game.

“Every time we have the end and beginning of a half, I try to get people out there that play well together.” Dykes attributed the few attempted comebacks by the Wildcats to his players’ restlessness and boredom.

“We get bored when we’re up,” he said. “We don’t use the same intensity.”

Wednesday was the last game of their season against the Palo Alto Palominos.

The Lady Rangers won the game 55-42.

The Lady Rangers currently are 5-1.

The season will start again at 6 p.m. Jan. 23 against Southwest Texas Junior College at their campus.


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