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By Will Underhill

The Web Committee for this college has created a new design for the campus Web site, which has been approved by President Robert Zeigler.

The Web site was made to be an improvement to the current design while being informative and user-friendly.

New in the Web site is the use of cascading style sheets, or CSS.

Mark Goodspeed, Web master of this college’s home page and online directory, was one member of the committee.

“CSS is programing that keeps presentation separate from content,” said Goodspeed.

Goodspeed went on to explain that Web pages using CSS will load faster because font descriptions, locations and other design factors are in a separate file from the content itself.

After the migration of the e-mail system is finished, Goodspeed will begin work on the new Web site early next year, Zeigler said.

Zeigler said Goodspeed has already begun working on the new design of the Web site. He is working on the smaller pages first and then will work on the look of the main page.

The design also includes a template for department Web sites, as an attempt to give a uniform look to all parts of the site.

Both the theater and communication and the administrative computer technology departments’ Web sites already use the new template.

Unfortunately, the new Web site doesn’t address problems with the current Web site and directory.

Much of the information in the directory and department Web sites is outdated.

New instructors are hired, and old ones leave. Some may change offices but the information in the directory stays the same unless the department notifies the Web master of changes each semester.

Each department has its own certified Web master that is responsible for the department site.

With so many changes to the college Web site in the future, departments must decide whether or not to use the new template designs.

During this transition, departments have the time to update their Web sites with up-to-date information and notify Goodspeed of any changes that need to be made in the online directory.


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