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First time students can find help on campus to succeed in classes.

By Sami Parman

Adjusting to college life can be quite difficult for the newcomer student.

These are a few tips to help the student along their way to a successful academic semester.

Before a student chooses a class, talk to a guidance counselor about the best way to go in choosing classes that will transfer to a four-year university with no problem.

Go online and see what other students had to say about the professor teaching the classes chosen.

“I wish I had known what teachers to take before I chose my classes,” computer networking freshman Efrain Suniga said.

Talk to other students who were in that course previously and see what they thought about the load of coursework and the teacher.

“Registration is the hardest part,” pre-dental freshman Lashieka Anders said.

Check to see if the syllabus is online to get a preview of what the class may be like and if their schedule can coincide.

“Always communicate with your instructors. They are there to help you,” Counselor Claudia Calvario said.

 Learn time management and set your priorities, see if working or not working is an option for you.

 “Some of y’all are juggling so much, it can be very stressful on a student,” Calvario said.

 The college provides free tutoring and is available for almost every subject. Call 733-2106 or stop by the student learning assistance center in Moody Learning Center, Room 726.

“Go to the library. You will get more done in two hours there than two hours at home,” Calvario said.

Never get behind in the class-work. Once a student loses track, it is hard to catch up.


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