Don’t stress

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By Selina O. Affram

Many students have difficulty balancing life and stress.

Having a family, a heavy load at school and an equally heavy work schedule without any down time will take a toll and can lead to stress overload.

Jan E. Starnes, counselor and student development professor, suggested students should get a good dose of exercise by taking an athletic class every semester. “I usually take a class every semester myself.”

She said some contributors to reducing stress are health habits such as eating a balanced and nutritious diet and sleeping an adequate amount of time.

When students juggle too many activities or take on too much, prioritizing and managing time can help relieve stress.

She said stress can be a physical and emotional ailment manifesting in nausea, tight stomach, stomach pangs and a lack of concentration. It also can include headaches and stomachaches.

Usually, when one form of stress is treated so is the other.

When circumstances seem a little too severe, students who need help can reach out to the staff in the counseling center on the first floor of Moody Learning Center.

Starnes said exercises to help students relax include deep muscle relaxation, visualization and deep breathing exercises.


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