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Introducing our new, improved look

We have a problem here at The Ranger: Although we are a student-produced newspaper and we want as much student readership as possible, the majority of those who are reading the paper don’t seem to be students.

We have tried to gear our stories to student interests.

Now we will focus on an aesthetic appeal. We are introducing an illustrated cover that will highlight a particular story inside the paper each Friday.

The paper will look more like a magazine, which means changing our format to a taller tabloid.

The hope is that students will be more inclined to take a copy from the stands and look inside.

Once students start reading, we are sure they will become fans.

Our longtime readership has not been forgotten, however.

We will still cover board meetings and the goings on of the college, neighborhood and district.

We know many faculty encourage students to read The Ranger, but we hope more will do so.

Students, it should also be noted, should not just stand on the sidelines and just passively read The Ranger — or any news source for that matter.

Publications live and die by their readers.

We want you — students, faculty, staff and administrators — to contribute with letters, guest viewpoints and tips on stories that you think are important.

Because The Ranger is part of the lab for journalism courses at this college, we also need students to participate as staff writers and photographers.

If students have an interest in writing or taking pictures, consider enrolling in journalism classes in future semesters.

Come talk to instructors in Loftin Student Center.

Be a part of The Ranger family in your own way.


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