New properties bought to help students and community

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President Robert Zeigler hopes to enhance the relationship with the neighborhood.

By Ryan Johnston

Two properties were bought and approved at the board of trustees meeting Tuesday.

The lots are at 204 W. Evergreen St. and 124 E. Courtland Place.

The Courtland property was purchased for $192,000, while the Evergreen property was purchased for $125,000.

The apartment house on Evergreen was partially burned.

These two new properties are just a few of the new properties that this campus has purchased in the past year.

At the beginning of last semeseter, properties at 807 and 811 Ogden St. and 201 E. Dewey Place were purchased.

John Strybos, associate vice chancellor of facilities, said the location is still a potential hazard. 

The property will have to be demolished before any work can be peformed on the lot.

After the house is removed for safety concerns, the lot will be empty, and possibly used as a dirt parking lot.

However, a parking lot will not be the long-range plan for the location, he said.

“Being the smart students they are, they’ll use it as a parking lot,” he said.

Students and faculty parked in vacant lots during last semester, including President Robert Zeigler who parked on the Dewey property. 

Zeigler said the college was planning to use the properties at Courtland and Evergreen for capital improvements.

“One of those locations would be used for a senior citizen’s program, so we’re not only helping us, but the community as well.”

He said these lots will serve as additional surface parking. 

However, anything the college will do with these lots will be in conjunction with neighborhood associations.

He said that if the college were to build a parking lot on the Courtland property that it would be in conjunction with the neighborhood.

“We will speak with Tobin Hill and ask them about planting trees and how to develop that spot,” he said. “We want to work with the neighborhood.”

The Tobin Hill neighborhood includes this campus and member Margie Balderas said it is helpful the campus is working with the neighborhood.

“I think it’s wonderful,” she said. 

“We should be hand and hand, we’re neighbors. SAC is a big part of our community. I think it’s great for us that we’re working together.”

Zeigler said final plans for the properties have not been made on Courtland and Evergreen, but it does take time to find a suitable plan for the lots.


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