Parking garage

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By Sami Parman

With the addition of 1,100 new parking spaces in five floors of a brand new parking garage, students may need an etiquette refresher.

The same rules and violations apply in the garage as in student and faculty lots.

When entering the garage, remember to slow down. The speed limit in all parking lots is 10 mph.

If a student or faculty member parks in the garage without a proper decal showing in the rear window or hang tag, a $12 parking ticket can be issued. The fine will increase to $18 after 10 days.

With the original citation, the fine can be paid at the bursar’s office in Room 201 of Fletcher Administration Center.

If a copy of the ticket is needed, another can be obtained at the department of public safety building at 1601 N. Main Ave.

If the ticket is not paid, a hold will be placed on the student’s transcript and will not be removed until the fine is paid in full.

Parking violation citations can be appealed at the department of public safety or the bursar’s office within 10 working or school days from the date of the citation by filing a Citation Appeal Form.

A vehicle may be towed from the garage if parked in a handicapped spot without the proper identification or if the vehicle is blocking walkways, sidewalks, driveways, ramps, loading zones or marked crosswalks, an entry or exit of another vehicle, or the entry or exit of the garage.

In the event a student’s car is impounded, call the department of public safety at 733-2212 to locate the vehicle.

The impound service the college uses is Danny’s Road Service at 315 Rivas St. They can be contacted at 227-7379.

When collecting an impounded vehicle. a valid Texas drivers license, proof of insurance, and proof of ownership such as a title or registration receipt are needed to retrieve the vehicle.

To see a complete list of parking rules and regulations, go to the Alamo Community College District department of public safety Web site at or call DPS at 733-2212.


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