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By Will Underhill

The most common crime committed on campus is also the easiest to prevent — the theft of personal properly left unattended. 

“Our primary mission is to provide students, staff and faculty with a safe environment,” Cpl. Michael Nemcic of the district department of public safety said.

To help prevent the theft of personal items, Nemcic offers the following advice.

If you don’t need it, don’t bring it.

Secure personal items in lockers or vehicles and keep them out of sight.

Be aware of your surroundings and where you leave personal items.

Don’t leave personal items unattended.

Keep belongings within sight or reach.

Mark all belongings in some way, including textbooks.

The district has more than 70 officers, with two to eight stationed on this campus.

Campus police use a combination of vehicle, bicycle and foot patrols. Mobile patrols have a response time of two to three minutes anywhere on campus.

 The campus also has a camera system that monitors all parking lots, buildings and select areas where students congregate such as courtyards and alleyways.

If a student is the victim of a crime or theft or witnesses such an event, they report it to campus police by calling 208-8099. If it is an emergency situation, students need to call 222-0911.


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