Study Habits

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By Selina O. Affram

The key to a successful college career is possessing good study habits.

The ability to study will determine the difference between a passing and failing average.

English Professor Mariano Aguilar has an in-depth view of study habits.

“Athletes devote several hours every day to training, practicing and studying their play books and game film in order to do well in games,” he said.

Soldiers drill every day to develop the skills to survive.

Magicians, gamers and musicians know they must devote time to practice if they want to be good.

The same approach applies to students.

If they want to succeed in classes, they must read assignments, study their notes and discuss the topics with their classmates and professors.

He said if they do, they will succeed and if they do not, they will not.

“If they treat their studies the way they treat their out-of-class passions, they’ll do well.”

The Web site suggests getting organized and using time well are keys to succeeding academically.

College Board is a not-for-profit membership association with the mission of connecting students to college success and opportunity.

The Web site reports that the College Board serves 7 million students and their parents, 23,000 high schools and 3,500 colleges through major programs and services.

The Web site recommends that students study during the daytime with good light conditions, a comfortable temperature and a good desk space.

Furthermore, forming a study group for tests and assignments comes in handy.

More tips to improve study habits are having a routine for where and when you study.

Material that is harder or requires more thought should be completed early in the day.

Take regular breaks to save energy.

Establish relationships with other students to create study groups or call fellow students to ask questions.

Read the assigned material before class and ask the professor questions to become more informed.

Practicing good study habits will enhance students’ college careers and be useful throughout life.


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