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By Joyce Flores

Starting college is not like starting elementary school. Students cannot go to H-E-B and pick up a school supply list. 

An alternative though is found in class’ syllabuses, said Marina Lopez, assistant to the coordinator for student development.

Most professors list the required material needed for a class in the syllabus. 

Some instructors even provide their syllabus online before the beginning of the semester, Lopez said.

In the orientation to college class, SDEV 0170, students are provided with textbooks, study guides and student planners.

Lopez said she recommends every student buy a planner as one of their essential class supplies. 

The planner that is given to students during the orientation class has a calendar with the census date, drop date and college holidays.

Students who are not enrolled in orientation to college can buy a similar planner at the college bookstore in the basement of Loftin Student Center, Lopez said.

Students who are still unsure of what supplies are needed for a class can check the college bookstore or textbook stores that serve the students at this college.

Cecilia Gonzalez, general merchandise manager for L&M Bookstore, said they provide supplies for most classes at this college.

L&M has the basic supplies like pens, pencils, erasers, backpacks and notebooks, to more specialized supplies like drafting kits, dissecting kits and even nursing scrubs, said Gonzalez. 

The bookstores check with the college to find out what books to carry, and what specialty items different classes need.

Gonzalez said she has even had some professors go into the bookstore to ask them to carry a specific product.

The best way to find out what supplies are needed for a class is, of course, checking with your instructor, Lopez said.


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