Help wanted: Retirees should run for board

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Jennifer Ramos’ exodus from her position as District 3 trustee leaves vacant a spot.

Elections for board of trustees will be May 10, and the District 3 seat will remain vacant until the election. Four positions are up for election.

While board of trustee candidacies may not seem glamorous, they are very important to the workings of the colleges.

Construction of buildings and the opening of programs and departments at all the colleges require dedicated leadership.

Who better qualified to take the reins than former faculty or staff of the colleges?

Former faculty members know their respective colleges and their needs intimately.

In fact, they are probably more qualified to assess the needs of the colleges than anyone else.

Furthermore, because they have spent much of their past working from the inside, they are probably the most dedicated and passionate about the needs of the campuses.

Our colleges deserve people who know the terrain, know what is best for the future of the colleges and, most importantly, are experienced.

Take this as a rallying cry to encourage those former faculty and staff members to take a part in securing a positive future for the colleges.


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