Make aging infrastructure a priority

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The district is continually saying that student success is its No. 1 priority.

But what about the safety of those students.

The escalators in Moody Learning Center are constantly breaking down.

This is no surprise; the escalators have been there since 1968.

The district is spending $4.5 million on new buildings and a new college.

While that is needed, administrators should keep in mind existing buildings.

When getting a puppy, one does not throw away the older dog that has stayed by your side faithfully.

Same with the older buildings at this campus, with a little fixing the buildings could last for years to come.

Having a building with malfunctioning elevators and escalators is dangerous for all of the students, and it is a big liability issue for the district.

When a false fire alarm was tripped Sept. 4, psychology Professor Bill Rose almost didn’t make it down because the escalators were not working.

Rose was able to make it out eventually, but he was lucky that it was only a false alarm.

When the campus falls apart, it is also a disservice to the students who pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to receive quality education in quality facilities.

Our resources should be put to good use. We should think about cleaning house first.


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