Parking should be made more equal

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A sure sign that parking is a serious problem is when a faculty member tells his colleagues not to use the new garage.

Political science Professor J. Philip Rogers sent an e-mail to college employees Jan. 23 that also was published as a letter in The Ranger asking his fellow faculty to use the faculty/staff-only lots instead of the parking garage.

The faculty/staff lots are not being used to their full capacity. 

Meanwhile, students’ parking options remain thin.

Students, despite the garage, are still parking on St. Mary’s Street and French Place.

This situation is not sustainable.

Asking faculty to take advantage of spots that are meant just for them is one potential problem-solver, but why not make campus parking more equal?

If the garage remains mixed parking, lots that are designated for faculty and staff, which are not being used to their fullest, should also be mixed.

This way students can be presented with more options, and previously designated parking spaces will not go to waste.

This way we can get the most out of new and old infrastructure and at the same time get closer to making parking less of a complete nightmare.


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