Alumni Association wants to reach community

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By Ryan Johnston

Alumni of this college came dressed in warm attire to accommodate the chilly weather at the reorganization meeting for the Alumni Association Jan. 24.

President Robert Zeigler started off the meeting apologizing for bringing the alumni in a cold room on a cold evening with a slight laugh.

“What we are here for is to restart the Alumni Association,” he said. “Though this time would be used to refocus what I would like to do for the association.”

He then spoke about the status of the college and the parking garage.

“With this construction, it has enabled us to serve students and the community better,” he said. “We still do not have enough parking, but it is getting better.”

At the 75th anniversary of the college, the Alumni Association was started. 

However, Zeigler said that many problems came from the association when the director left and recognized two past members, Doug Hall and Mary Gomez-Curll, for their hard work and dedication.

With the reorganization of the association, Zeigler said he would like to keep the college in the forefront, but also use the alumni as a group that links the college to the community.

“I would like to make this an association for people to grow,” he said. “Most people forget the place that gave them their start and the impact that school had on them.”

He added that the purpose of the association is to participate as much as possible.

“It’s important for the school and important for the community,” he said. “We would like to help inward. The Alumni Association is an outreach to the community.”

He said the association also would be a place for students to find appropriate role models for their futures.

It was added that students need to realize the association while still in school and understand the history of the school to bring them back and continue to support this campus.

“Knowing history does a lot to make them go further,” business Chair Val Calvert said. “The association should be mentors to students. I think students are lost as far as direction and can use the association as a networking device.”

The association also wanted to create new committees, including a by-laws, membership, promotion and Web site committee, and have members sign up for positions.

Zeigler joked that the doors were locked and he would let the alumni leave after they signed up for positions.

The association also presented their new Web site that was created by Noemi Candanoza-Gamez, programmer in the college information technology department. The site includes information about the association, how to become a member, contribute to the association and upcoming news.

People interested in becoming a member in the association must pay $20 in annual dues.

For more information about the association, visit or contact Joanne Wilson, assistant to the president, at 785-6194.


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