Career service center sharpens students’ interviewing skills when seeking jobs

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By Yubhya Garcia

The career service center offers mock interviews to help students with interviewing skills and résumé presentation. 

Melissa Sutherland, career services unit leader, said the staff help students who want to interview for a particular type of job or who want to practice interviewing for any job.  

A mock interview session normally lasts between one to two hours depending on the student’s needs.

Amanda Gonzales, a work-study student in the center, said students must come professionally dressed for the mock interview, wearing attire they would wear to an actual interview.

This allows counselors to critique the students’ attire for its suitability for the interview.

Sutherland said they will teach students what is proper to ask and what not to ask as well as how to answer questions and how to avoid answering questions.

Career guidance specialist Linda R. Moreno said they can record the mock interview either with a video or a digital camera and the student needs to bring their own recordable VHS tape or compact disc.

Specialists go over the 30-minute recorded interview with students to show them what they did well and what they need help with.

Moreno said that common mistakes students make in interviews are bad eye contact, a weak hand shake and hesitation when answering questions. 

Moreno said that between 20 and 30 mock interviews were recorded last semester. 

Students should come to the mock interview with a copy of their résumé, Moreno said. 

The specialist will show the student how to properly present their résumé, Sutherland said.

Moreno said that an example of presenting a résumé would be learning how to answer questions properly about their résumés. 

She also recommends setting an appointment for a résumé review before the mock interview.

Sutherland recommends mock interviews for students close to graduation. 

Students should leave college prepared for the real world with not only good interview skills but professional résumés, Sutherland said.

She added that this helps students with interview anxiety since they will have the practice and knowledge of a good interview.

This service as well as a copy of the recorded interview is free. 

Students must set up an appointment at the career services center on the first floor of Moody Learning Center.

Students also can call for more information at 733-2144.


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