College bulletin has misleading information about smoking policy

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By Monte Ashqar

According to the 2007-08 San Antonio College Bulletin, smoking is prohibited on campus except for parking lots.

The district became smoke-free in August 2007, through a gradual process that started in 2005, including this campus.

“Smoking is not permitted on the San Antonio College campus, except in the parking lots, where smokers are responsible for using the receptacles,” the bulletin reads on page 70.

Sgt. Ben Peña of the district’s department of public safety, said smoking on campus is illegal everywhere.

“Our officers are enforcing the district’s policy regarding smoking,” Peña added. 

“The only exception is smoking in your car.”

Peña said the smoking policy passed by the board of trustees is the one the officers are enforcing, not the college’s.

Lisa Morales, college catalog and schedule coordinator of the public relations office, said the bulletin still says smoking is permitted in parking lots because the bulletin went to the printers in February of last year.

“The new bulletin, which would be coming out in May, has been updated,” Morales said. “It will have the new smoking policy.”

Morales also said the current spring schedule has been updated with the new smoking policy.

“The current college bulletin on the Web has been updated also with the new information,” Morales added.


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