Disability support services needs volunteers or paid note-takers

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Compensation is almost a full dollar above minimum wage, and requirements are simple.

By Jason Wallace

Being paid to take notes almost sounds too good to be true, but Delia DeLuna, a student services assistant with disability support services, makes it possible with her slogan: “Earn while you learn.”

The requirements to be a note-taker for the office are simple and the compensation is almost a full dollar above minimum wage for eligible students.

For students not involved in a work-study program, the office pays $6.79 per hour compared to work-study students being paid $6 per hour. 

Volunteering is an option as well. Qualifying note-takers can work a maximum of 20 hours per week. 

“If you have legible handwriting, a knack for taking notes and organization, a good attendance record, superior grammar and spelling skills and a fine attention to detail, then you are exactly who disability support services is looking for,” she said.

With about 120 students classified as disabled and taking an average of four courses, note-takers are needed for 300-400 classes each semester.

As a student, you have surely seen the solicitations for note-takers that DeLuna single-handedly posts in classes with a student requiring extra assistance. This year the notices are pink.

She said the main focus of her campaign each semester is “trying to get the students to realize that there are students here on campus who are in dire need of note-taking services and to be willing to help another classmate out.”

For those with big hearts who don’t require compensation, DeLuna has written letters of recommendation and appealed to universities for scholarship approval. 

For students who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law, the note-taking hours also can count toward community service credit.

Note-taking can be beneficial to both parties. 

For example, students get a head-start on a two-part course, such as the first semester of history, by taking notes for the second part. Then the student will be earning while learning.

To apply, call DeLuna at 733-2363 or drop by the office in Room 124 of Chance Academic Center.


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