Faculty, staff not helpful to first-time students in college, Staff Council says

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By Ryan Johnston

Mind your manners was the primary message of a district services survey.

According to a survey conducted by Staff Council, employees in the financial aid and bursar’s office could use some customer service training.

During the Staff Council meeting Tuesday, President-Elect Cynthia Hernandez updated survey results. She said that 174 staff members completed it and 179 did not.

“This will be left up to your own interpretation,” she said. “Most of the people don’t use these services, such as the financial aid and the bursar’s office, but are rather speaking for their students.”

She said the survey results will be forwarded to President Robert Zeigler and supervisors of the departments.

“A lot of people said they had issues with people in these departments,” she said. “They said they need customer service training, while some even said they should be moved elsewhere.”

In other news, Diaz also voiced a concern from staff in Fletcher Administration Center asking if it was necessary for them to keep the loading dock door open because heat escapes from the building.

Gil Castillo, Staff Council president, said he would look into options for the staff and see what could be done to fix the problems.

Castillo reported that trustees were concerned about the parking lot fundraiser Staff Council conducts during Fiesta.

Castillo said their main concern for the fundraiser was liability issues and having an accident on school property.

The event helps raise money for scholarships for staff of the college to attend classes.

“This is for our staff to better their education,” Castillo said. “We discussed it and agreed that this was a good thing to do.”

The council will have to submit a fundraiser proposal to the board in the future; however, Castillo said Chancellor Bruce Leslie supported the idea .

Castillo also spoke about the compression component of the compensation study for the college.

The compensation study shows how employees entered the college’s payroll system at entry-level positions. Therefore, employees who have been with the college for years received the minimum pay increase.

This study is intended to pay them a higher level of pay, he said.

“The study started off with a bang,” Castillo said. “Now, we need to have a game plan for the board. We still want to move forward. Hopefully, by the end of February, we will have a real answer.”

The council also spoke about the declining enrollment of the college and complaints that faculty and staff are not helpful to students.

“We need to get faculty and staff to be more receptive to helping first-time students,” Castillo said. “We need to pick up enrollment.”

Velma Willard, Staff Council member, said there are many programs that can help students, and faculty and staff to help them get that information.

“We want you (the student) to succeed,” she said. “I think students are afraid to admit that they need help, but if we can read those signs and point them in the right direction, it can be a big help.”

The council also voiced a need to set up a committee to recruit new members and plan elections.

For more information, visit http://www.accd.edu/sac/staffcouncil/default.htm.


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