Peer educators aim to educate during Black AIDS Awareness Days

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Group of students hope to make people aware of their actions and learn to talk about their problems.

By Lauren Kendrick

HIV and AIDS are two prevalent diseases that effect people in and around our community. National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Days are just around the corner beginning Feb. 7-10.

The Peer Educators group is very involved with events planned with AIDS awareness days. 

“We promote abstinence because this is truly the only way to protect yourself, but we do have condoms by the door in the office of the Peer Educators group, and we don’t ask any questions,” Dr. Dawn McFadden, counselor and head administrator for the group, said.

 Also by the door is a box of domestic violence ribbons sold for $1 to show support for that cause.

The national Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Days will be at four different locations so it is accessible to everyone. 

The Awareness Days will feature such things as free and confidential testing, guest speakers as well as free counseling. 

In addition to being involved with that event, the Peer Educators are planning on having events about cervical cancer and HPV since those issues predominately effect Hispanic and African-American women.

 The Peer Educators are always willing to help a student by talking with them about anything that is troubling the student. 

“We are here to talk to students about their problems because sometimes it’s easier for them to talk to us instead of adults. If the problem is really serious, then we will tell Dawn because she is a doctor and knows how to deal with the more serious problems,” Peer Educator Elijah Breault said.    

The office is easy to find because outside the door, it is decorated with banners and helpful pamphlets donated by local businesses relating to almost any issue that a student may have. 

Peer Educator, Terrance Jones said they are trying to make people aware. “We try to keep people comfortable so they are able to unload some problems, there aren’t even cameras in the office so everything is confidential.” 

On the back of the pamphlet for the Peer Educators, there is a short paragraph that reads, “As Peer Educators, our aim is to offer mindful and emotional support by keeping updated facts and information that will enhance lifestyles both on and off our college campus.” 

“This is a very informative group that wants to keep the students educated on issues that are prevalent in and around the community,” McFadden said.

 The Peer Educators office is in Room 120  of  Chance Academic Center and the phone number is 733-2175.


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