Poets in the spotlight

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By Ava Bustos

Loftin Student Center was decorated in Mardi Gras colors with purple, green and gold streamers. Tables had centerpieces with candles with battery-operated flames. The aroma of coffee and sweet glazed doughnuts filled the semicircular area known as Loftin round, which was dimly lighted to create an intimate atmosphere. 

This was the scene Feb. 1 at the coffee night and open mic sponsored by the Cheshyre Cheese Club. The event drew about a dozen people, including students and former students.

English sophomore Caroline Richardson, president of Cheshyre Cheese Club, welcomed guests and poets, most of whom read more than one published or original poem. 

Tony Guerrero, English and music business sophomore, read two of his own poems, “Winter’s Tears,” and “SAC (Sugar and Coffee).” 

He also said he has been a member of the club three years after being introduced to it by a former club member. 

The club has helped him strengthen his craft, he said.

“(For) students who would like to tap into their own creativity, this is one of the best clubs, I feel, to do so,” he said.

Eleven people took the mic and stepped into the spotlight to share favorite poems.

After two hours of poetry reading, a short recess allowed the audience to meet and mingle and discuss each other’s poems. 

Tyler Archer, assistant coordinator of student leadership/activities for the office of student life, said events such as Coffee Night should be held on campus because they allow more students to get involved.

She made fliers to spread the word about coffee nights the first Friday of February, March and April. 

“This is what college is supposed to be like,” she said. “It’s supposed to have an artistic feel.” 

English Chair Alex Bernal said Monday that he enjoyed the coffee night. 

Bernal said college is not just about working and trying to get through the semester. Activities “fulfill other needs,” like giving the students the opportunity to recite their poems, network, and meet the community.

The next coffee night will be from 6 p.m.-9 p.m. March 7 in  Loftin. For information, call Archer at 733-2680.


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