Subject of safe sex should always be open for discussion

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Since I was a child, discussions at the dinner table played a key role in molding who I am today. 

Watching TV during dinner only occurred if something very important had happened. Conversations took place at the dinner table every night; long after the last bite was eaten. 

Topics like politics, world issues and sex were never taboo when discussed over dinner, no matter what company was present. 

One topic in particular I am glad my parents never downplayed was safe sex and its importance. 

My parents always felt it was important for my brother and I to know what choices we had when discussing sex. From choosing abstinence to choosing gender, there was never any pressure to make any decisions until we were ready. Because of this, I feel I am a better person. 

My parents also taught me the importance of knowing when I was ready to have sex. I was raised a realist. So, instead of teaching me abstinence, they taught me to always respect myself, never feel pressured into having sex and to always use protection.

Safe sex is something that should be taught to people at a young age. 

It is important to know the risks involved when deciding to have unprotected sex. The health factors and pregnancy risks are some issues many people do not consider in the heat of the moment, but when the time comes, you should ideally always be prepared. 

It really does not take that much to protect yourself from what might be a lifetime of hardship and stigma.

Because of the variety of contraceptives available to the public, obtaining condoms is not the problem. It is the willingness to be protected at all times and to not have unprotected sex until you are sure you are ready to face any consequences as the result of your actions.

I feel very deeply about the importance of safe sex because of how many people are affected by unprotected sex in the world.

 Abstinence is a choice many people make and it is the best way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases, but honestly, in today’s world, fewer and fewer of today’s youth choose abstinence.

In high school for my health class, a man came to talk to us about AIDS and safe sex. He walked into the room and said, “Someone in this room has AIDS. Do you know who that is?” Of course, we knew he was the one. 

He appeared very weak and sick. Afterward, we discussed what he talked about. After class, I was walking down the hall in back of two girls discussing the topic. “He got AIDS because he is gay,” one of them muttered which was immediately accompanied by childish giggles.

 I could not believe my ears! That comment made me realize what kind of world we are living in. People choose to stay in the dark because they choose not to see the world in the light. I never confronted the girl about her ignorant comment and I really wish I would have, looking back. 

“AIDS,” “herpes” and “syphilis” are not written on the faces of people that have them. Nobody carries a card that lists all of the STDs they have contracted over their lifetime. For many with an STD, it is not hard to hide. Only until the final stages of AIDS does someone even look sick and those with STDs like genital herpes cannot be pointed out in a crowd.

In today’s society, sex is everywhere. It’s on TV, in song lyrics and even billboards. 

For as much sex as there is, there should be just as much education on the subject. People can easily sing about sex and watch it in music videos but never mention using condoms or choosing abstinence. 

Why does TV never show you the life after the music video, like the bumps that developed on the rapper’s or rock star’s person for having unprotected sex with the groupie in the pink thong.

Sex is a natural part of life. It is the most intimate experience you can share with another person. Without it, we would not exist! But having sex comes with responsibilities. Be ready to take on those responsibilities for yourself and your partner. Talk about it because it is such a normal thing. There should be no reason why the subject of safe sex should not be discussed and taught as much as possible.


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