Valentine’s Day is a different story for everyone

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Hearts, kisses and flowers are not always the norm for Feb. 14.

By Selena O. Affram

The profusion of red roses, heart-shaped chocolate boxes and romantic notes remind all that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated Feb. 14 and is the traditional day that lovers express their affection and admiration for one another.

It was named after a Christian martyr named Valentine and associated with romantic love and Geoffrey Chaucer in the Middle Ages, a period of courtly love.

Everyone expresses love differently; some people are hopeless romantics and are free with their shows of devotion.

Others are subtle with their expressions of affection.

Free weddings on Valentine’s Day have been conducted for many years on the steps of the Bexar County Courthouse by psychology Professor Joseph Sullivan.

This year, starting at midnight Thursday, couples wanting to get married can do so at the Arneson River Theater on the River Walk in La Villita.

The ceremonies are at midnight, 1 p.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. Those lovebirds interested in getting hitched must make reservations with the courthouse by calling 207-5683.

Students not ready to take the plunge shared their views about what they would do for a significant other.

Sophomore Fernando Galvan, 20, said he would begin his courting for Valentine’s Day by sending two dozens roses and closing the deal with a romantic dinner at the popular Cheesecake Factory in North Star Mall.

Education freshman Brittany Hayden said she and her sweetie would celebrate their day with a movie, and a dinner at their favorite Italian restaurant Carrabas.

Not everyone will have a special someone on Valentine’s Day, and for those individuals, there are group activities with friends.

Interdisciplinary studies sophomore Andra Handsox said she would hang out with friends and talk about their ex-boyfriends over a drink.

She said, “Valentine’s doesn’t have to be signified with flowers and candy.”

Her idea of romance is having a delicious dinner with stimulating conversation in a candlelit setting.

Valentine’s Day can be cost effective, though.

Some cheap and cute ways to show you care are being creative, writing a card and giving a box of candy.

Going to the movies can be a nice treat, and local theaters offer student discounts.

Being crafty is always a plus in making thoughtful cards, trinkets or keepsakes.

A kiss and a hug along with saying those special words — “I love you” — can be enough for some people.

Let that special someone know how you feel before it is too late. 

Sometimes, the gifts from the heart are the most meaningful.


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