KSYM begins planning for pledge drive

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The 14th annual pledge drive will help KSYM raise money for improvements, possible renovations of the building.

By Sarah Piñon

Campus radio station KSYM is organizing its 14th annual pledge drive, which will be aired April 7-12 on 90.1 FM. 

The station expects to have special guest disc jockeys from the San Antonio community who will do guest shifts to raise funds for the station, according to a letter from radio-television-film Professor John Onderdonk, adviser to the station, on the KSYM Web site at http://www.accd.edu/sac/ksym/pledge.htm. 

Along with the letter, he has posted a donation request form that people or businesses can download and fill out if they want to donate premiums for the station to give away. 

Any gift certificates, donated items or services sent in with the form will be used as premiums and will allow contributors to be recognized during the pledge drive.

KSYM’S 2007 pledge drive brought in $38,844, and the station has spent $27,151 on repairs and replacements for the KSYM studio, Onderdonk said Feb. 6.

The money raised during the pledge drive has purchased license fees, three new CD players, two Dell computers, sound cards, and a new automated radio control system. 

Also, the long awaited inspection and repairs to the radio tower were completed by Ransor Inc., a telecommunications construction company, costing $5,152. 

“Plans to inspect and repair the tower were requistioned last May, but due to weather delays it was completed Aug. 7,” Victor Pfaue, chief engineer for the radio-television-film department, said. 

Other repairs, he added, were rusted bolts and wires that hold up the tower.

Another $8,000 was used to send radio-television-film student Jonathan Harper; Leora Uribe, KSYM program director; Marcus DeLeon, assistant program director, along with Brian Zavala, KSYM music director; and Onderdonk to the College Broadcasters Inc. Conference at the Hilton in Washington, D.C., Oct. 25-27.

DeLeon said he was able to get something out of it. “It was great networking and brainstorming with other college radio stations. We realized we had the same problems as other radio stations and were able to come up with good solutions. I realized how good we have it here at KSYM. We’re living in the high life compared to some (radio staions).” 

Uribe agreed, saying, “There are different college radio stations; some are well off, others not so much. I feel we are a grade up!” 

She said, the conference also taught good ways to keep morale up which has led to more success with keeping voluteers around longer. 

It has also given her a better understanding of rules set by the Federal Communication Commission, or FCC. 

To give donations before the pledge drive, benefiting KSYM, people can log onto the station’s Web site. 

A minimum pledge of $35 allows listeners a choice of three T-shirts showing their support for KSYM. 


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