Students find cheaper textbooks for classes online

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By D.J. Jimenez

Struggling students have expressed their concerns about the cost of college textbooks.

Every year, students enroll in college courses that often require expensive books only to have them resold to the original bookstore at a fraction of the purchase price.

This sets up the next student for the same fate.

Seeking to alleviate the monetary problems of the army of students, Web sites such as have sprung to life to help students.

Completely devoid of any advertisements, is a Web site created and meant for independent book buyers such as the individuals who populate everyday college classrooms.

It works similarly to Craig’s List, with a network of individuals posting books available for sale to other individuals.

Scouring all the major online bookstore databases, quickly provides users with a list of all vendors, prices and delivery time estimates for the particular book.

The search engine is very efficient and requires either little or no time to figure out.

“I wish I would have bought all my books through this Web site,” said Patrick Fears, radio-television-film sophomore, after viewing the Web site’s results.

Entering three college textbooks, “Television Production Handbook” by Zettl, 9th edition; “World of Art” by Sayre, 5th edition; and “Economics Today: The Macroview” by Mille, 14th edition, retrieved prices for the three books totaling $148.33.

Compared to $371.48, the list price of the three books, yielded more than 48 percent in savings, almost half the cost.

Belinda Hernandez, radio-television-film sophomore, said, “I didn’t even know this Web site existed. In that case, we’re just throwing money away.”

Although the prices are convenient, the books themselves take anywhere from three to 12 business days for shipping.

This leaves the student eagerly waiting for their textbooks to arrive as classes progress.

However, because professors usually inform the bookstores well ahead of time of the upcoming semester’s textbooks, acquiring cheap textbooks before the semester begins is as easy as asking a bookstore clerk: “What textbook is professor so and so using for this semester in this particular class?”

In its first 10 years, reports helping more than a million penny-pinching students obtain their books.


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