Adjunct Faculty Council to fill empty positions

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By Ryan Johnston

The Adjunct Faculty Council is accepting applications to fill vacant positions in its upcoming election.
Lecturers can nominate themselves for a position by acquiring a self-nomination form from Dean Ruben Flores’s office in Room 230 of Fletcher Administration Center, the adjunct faculty Web site or from department chairs.
The council has one at-large position and two other representative positions.
The at-large position will cover the administrative computer technology, allied health, American Sign Language and interpreter training, computer information systems, mortuary science and nursing education departments.
The other two positions cover the biological sciences, economics, sociology, anthropology and social work departments and the student affairs division, which includes access and education support programs, counseling and student development and the women’s center.
Nominations opened Monday and will close at 5 p.m. March 14.
For more information about the election, call Nancy Roell at 826-8459.


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