Coed slow-pitch softball season canceled

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By Jeff Reese

Softball team was seeking
to bring students together
to represent the college, coach says.

While coed slow-pitch softball Coach Gil Castillo held a Feb. 16 tryout session, the team did not draw the female quota of five players or draw coaching beyond Castillo and was forced to cancel its spring 2008 team.
In the future, Castillo wants to plan further in advance to put together his team.
“We will start our tryouts earlier and find other coaches,” Castillo said.
Castillo encouraged females to try out in spite of the differences between slow-pitch and fast-pitch softball.
“Many of the girls who play in high school don’t play in college because it’s not fast-pitch, but slow-pitch can be just as fun,” Castillo said.
“Students should come out because it is not as costly as soccer or cheerleading and because they have a chance to represent their college in club sports,” Castillo said.


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