DentalFest leaves fresh taste in mouths of visitors

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By Lauren Nichole Barrera

Oral piercings and nutrition contribute to tooth and gum deficiency problems.

The tooth fairy, dressed in a long, pink gown greeted visitors as they walked into the dental lab on the first floor of Nail Technical Center during DentalFest Feb. 27.
The event gave students in the dental assisting program a chance to educate their peers on the importance of dental hygiene.
Tooth care often is not taken as seriously as other hygiene rituals, students said.
According to the information received from the festival, many people underestimate the damage being done to their teeth when going even a day without brushing or flossing.
Spectators learned about everything from oral piercings and the negative effect they have on one’s mouth to teeth whitening treatments recommended by students who use treatments on a regular basis.
When using teeth whitening strips, it is important to know whether one’s teeth are strong enough to handle the procedure.
Generally, most whitening procedures can increase the color of teeth from two to seven shades lighter.
Teeth whitening gel can be prescribed by a dental hygienist but proves to be costly and is not covered by insurance.
People with sensitive teeth should not use whitening strips as much as the manufacturer recommends.
It is important to verify anything with a dentist or orthodontist.
Other educational tips discussed by dental students were nutritional facts.
Drinking soda and eating lemons and salt dissolve the enamel on teeth, causing them to become extremely sensitive to cold and hard foods.
The effects of smoking, drugs and alcohol on teeth were also presented.
After long periods of time, not caring for teeth and using these substances, gum lines start to deteriorate and teeth become translucent.
Graphic examples of decaying gums and black teeth were plastered on tri-fold poster boards showing examples of what happens when people neglect good dental hygiene.
Samples of whitening strips were handed out along with toothbrushes and toothpaste.


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