San Antonio Rampage hosts district night

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By Jeff Reese

The district awards a $500 scholarship to a lucky student.

The San Antonio Rampage, an American Hockey League affiliate of the National Hockey League’s Phoenix Coyotes, held its annual Alamo Community College District night when it hosted the Chicago Wolves Feb. 29.
To start the night, Dr. Beth Lewis, Northeast Lakeview College vice president of academic affairs, dropped the ceremonial puck.
Lewis also made the first intermission ceremonial ride in the Zamboni ice resurfacing machine, while district Board Chairman Robert Zarate made his Zamboni tour during the second intermission.
Each district college set up a table to encourage enrollment while also signing up for the first and second intermission raffle drawings.
The first intermission raffle winner, Brian Winder, gained San Antonio Spurs playoff tickets as well as a Tony Parker jersey.
Palo Alto College student Jeremy Hammon, winner of the second intermission raffle drawing, received a $500 scholarship to any district school.
The night’s events also gave students from all five colleges a way to express themselves in front of an audience of 5,887 fans.
The first contest of the night, the Human Hockey Puck, featured Palo Alto College student Frank Pompa and Lori Roman, theater sophomore at this college.
The object of the game was to ride a flat, bungee cord-controlled plastic surface from one end of the ice to another in an attempt to bowl over as many of the six pins that stood in front of the goal.
The winner received free Rampage tickets, one for each pin knocked down.
While Pompa failed to hit a pin, Roman rolled a strike to take six Rampage tickets.
During the second intermission, the Rampage held the Slap Shot Hockey Challenge.
In Slap Shot Hockey, the competitors had 24 seconds to stand at opposite blue lines and hit as many of their 25 pucks as possible into the net. During the Dance For Your Dinner contest, a representative of each district college danced for 20 seconds, with fan response deciding who would win a free meal.
The Northwest Vista College representative, the last to receive his fan judgment, received the most overwhelming applause to take the coupon.


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