Moody renovation, questions and concerns addressed

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Librarians and employees handle complaints and frustrations among students and other employees about renovations.


A number of students and employees have questions, concerns and complaints regarding the loud noise coming from renovation efforts in Moody Learning Center.

“Some students just get up and walk away because of all the noise, while others block it out by blasting the volume on their iPod’s,” circulation technician Leticia Alvarado said.

“The soundproof rooms can’t even block out all the hammering and drilling because the noise penetrates right through our walls” Alvarado said.

“It’s sort of like being in an apartment with noisy neighbors above and below,” Librarian Celita DeArmond said.

Long lines form at the elevators in Moody with frustrated students and employees waiting to get to the upper floors.

In addition, the walls blocking non-construction personnel from construction areas barricades traffic in Moody to narrow hallways on some floors.

Students and employees have many frustrations finding facilities, including the restrooms, because of the confusing temporary layout of Moody, Librarian Karen Balcom said.

Librarians like DeArmond are trying their best to help students and faculty.

“We have signs all over the building to help guide students and faculty to find the temporary locations for study areas, classrooms and offices,” DeArmond said.

“Group study rooms, which are very popular among students along with the textbook reserve desk, are located on the third floor until construction is complete,” DeArmond said.

Librarian Stephen Dingman said, “The reserve desk and additional study rooms will be relocated to the second floor when the renovation is finished.”

The student learning assistance center lab was moved from the seventh to the fifth floor, reopening its doors to students Sept. 18.

Because space is limited on the fifth floor, the number of computers available to students for general use had to be reduced from 80 to 65, Gerald F. Manahan Jr., distance learning program specialist, said.

“When the renovations are finally complete, the Moody Learning Center will be an excellent place for students to study and hangout in peace and quiet,” DeArmond said.

DeArmond and Dingman said they expect the renovations to be completed within a year.

Temporary locations

First floor: Counseling center, disability support services and veterans affairs

Second floor: Reference section, printing lab and study areas

Third floor: Reserve desk and group study rooms

Fourth floor: The reserve desk, additional book collections, study areas and rooms

Fifth floor: Lab, four classrooms and student technology center

Sixth floor: Psychology labs, classrooms and study areas

Seventh floor: Closed for renovation.


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