STEM students missed money

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Students missed out on scholarships they were awarded during the summer because they missed the ACES email requiring them to sign paperwork.

Angela Stewart, the STEM grant liaison, said San Antonio makes applications for the grant in May when students are starting summer break.

This college was given 65 scholarships worth $2,500.

On June 1, she emailed students who had applied through the Alamo Colleges Foundation internal scholarship program even though the particular STEM scholarship funded by Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Stewart said she had around 30-40 responses.

The public relations staff joined the cause by posting information on Facebook.

Stewart sent another recruitment email, but through the ACES system. Stewart did not track how many emails she was sending out. She was focused on finding 65 student recipients.

Most often, students did not respond. When they did, and they were awarded, some did not reply to her email for the appointment to finalize grant paperwork. Students who were awarded but did not come in for final paperwork were bumped to the end of the line.

By the last week of August, she found enough recipients to grant all 65 scholarships.

The basic qualifications are 3.0 GPA in high school science and math, submission of high school transcript and full-time status studying in a program that matches a list of programs from the coordinating board to include allied health, science, technology, engineering and math.


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