Country girl with a city life

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Journalism sophomore Rebecca Salinas.Viewpoint by REBECCA SALINAS

It takes 45 minutes for me to get from my desk in Room 212 of Loftin Student Center to my home in far South Bexar County.

I have to be on campus at 7 a.m. on Thursdays for production work on The Ranger, 8 a.m. on Tuesdays and before 9 a.m. other days to get a decent parking spot.

That means I have to wake up two hours before I have to be at school.

I ask myself everyday, “When are they going to invent teleporting?”

It’s not like I do not have a choice; I can easily get an apartment nearby or stay at my aunt’s house only a few minutes from campus.

I just love to be around my family, horses and donkey.

I love to go home and tell them about my day — “them” being the horses.

That is something I cannot do living in the city.

Every mile is worth the drive when I get to see them every day.

I don’t care; I can drive for hours; I never get tired of the answering soft neigh from the back of my land when I get home and I yell, “Boyyyyyys.”

It’s good my neighbors aren’t very close to us because the animals make a lot of noise.

My closest neighbors are my horses. They put the “neigh” in “neighbors.”

It’s also a good thing I do not live near this college; I don’t think President Robert Zeigler or anyone else here would appreciate hourly donkey honk.

My donkey, Señor, puts the “honk” in “honky-tonk.”

My frustration in the amount of time and gas I spend on the daily commute is nowhere near the love I have for my ranch.

The price of gas is my family’s worst enemy because we drive 4×4 trucks and SUVs.

Everything is bigger in Texas, right?

Yeah, my family and I are the poster children for Texas ranching families.

I would not be able to live up to my family’s name if I lived downtown.

Although I have to rush to class and pray the remaining gasoline fumes get me to school, I love where I live.

I would never trade life on my ranch for the convenience of a high-rise apartment downtown.

I can just picture that: three horses and a donkey waiting for me each day, eating the plants in the lobby.


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