Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s me!

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 Illustration by Juan Carlos Campos

Illustration by Juan Carlos Campos

Journalism freshman Carlos Ferrand



As Halloween approaches, I always think back to my childhood Octobers. I can still remember all the candy and haunted houses and the spooky decorations hanging in the hallways of my school and in every window on the block.

But most of all, I remember the costumes. There was the vampire with his pale white face and little droplets of blood painted down his chin and the princess in pink with her plastic tiara and fake jewels.

Depending on the weather, she either wore clear jellies or bright yellow rain boots with her royal attire.

Of all those fantastic costumes, both wicked and cute, my favorites were Batman and Superman.

Most kids used their costumes to scare the neighbors into giving them candy. Other kids used them to trick the candy right out of the neighbors’ hands.

I, on the other hand, didn’t wear my costume as a disguise at all. I wore it like a uniform for a job I really wanted.

If you asked me back then what I waned to be when I grew up, I would say, “Batman” or “Superman.”

When I was a kid, becoming Batman or Superman was a real career choice.

Halloween was the best time to try out my future wardrobe without being judged by grown-ups.

Now, sad to say I am the grown-up. I have a job and rent.

My Batmobile is a Ford Focus that seats two comfortably, four not so much.

In the past few years, my childhood dreams have drifted into cloudy memory.

As a college freshman here, I look back at those nights with a sense of optimism.

My two areas of focus are journalism and criminal justice.

When I finish college, I would like to write for The New York Times or perhaps be a detective in the NYPD.

Now, Halloween reminds me that all is not lost. My dreams haven’t truly changed so much.

After all, Superman spent his days reporting for the Daily Planet, and Batman was known as the world’s greatest detective.

Looking back, it was silly to believe I could become Batman or Superman.

The world doesn’t need another Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent.

But perhaps, it needs a Carlos Ferrand, a superhero whose gadgets these days are a notepad and a pencil, my cape a backpack and my mask a Yankee cap.

What was your favorite costume or uniform? Who did you want to grow up to be? You might be getting closer than you think.


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