Wellness Committee revamps 1-mile walk route

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Microsoft Word - Document1The walking route was designed to improve physical health, wellness coordinator says.



The Wellness 1-mile walk has a new route that avoids the construction surrounding Scobee Planetarium.

The walk started in 2002 to give students, faculty and staff a safe route for exercise by the Wellness Committee.

The original route needed to be updated because construction of the nursing complex interrupted the route. The blocking off of Lot 21 and the mall west of Candler Physical Education Center also interrupted the route.

The construction around the planetarium is for the Challenger Learning Center.

Signs became warped from weathering and needed an update, Wellness Coordinator Chris Dillon said Monday. The 34 news signs were installed this semester to guide walkers through the new route.

Arrows have been added to guide walkers back to their starting point to complete the mile.

People can enter the walk at any of the signs.

“Walking improves your overall cardio vascular system and helps with better breathing and posture,” Dillon said.

“People that walk all the time have more energy, and this leads to self-confidence and being a better student,” Dillon said.

The Wellness Committee is using this walking route as part of its goal to get more people active around campus.

“Whether we have people working out at SAC or working out at home, we just want people moving,” Dillon said.

Dillon also suggested using the “buddy system” if people need that kick-start.

“The social wellness aspect leads to positive energy, and that energy is contagious and gets people moving,” Dillon said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that one in every three children born after the year 2000 could develop Type 2 diabetes because of the growing obesity epidemic in this country.

If anyone needs the motivation to get moving, Dillon is here to help.

“I want them to come see me for couple of minutes so that I can educate them and motivate them,” Dillon said.

His office is in 131E in Candler, and his phone number is 210-486-1025.

For more information, visit the department’s Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/sackinesiology or call 210-486-1010.

Walking tips

• Invest in good shoes that are proper for your foot type

• Always-up

• Bring water

• Pay attention to your heart rate

• Use good posture

Source: Chris Dillon


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